Search Advertising at Tower1 Marketing Solutions

Pay Per Click has grown into a key digital marketing tool, ideal for both tactical campaigns and also strategic brand building.

Here in Tower1 Marketing Solution, our PPC services range from audience and keyword research to building well-structured campaigns, followed by effective hands on campaign management and regular reporting.

However, we also understand that PPC now extends beyond Google Adwords or other search engines. For example, we have innovated in the use of pay per click advertising on social media, native ads, Gmail and YouTube as well as pioneering the use of remarketing campaigns.

Display Advertising

Display is a powerful marketing tool. It is highly recommended during the brand awareness phase; best-known for its significant reach and plenty targeting options.

Web Design

The website is the face of your brand. Every detail matters and transfers certain messages. Choose not only an impressive but a useful design that works for you.

Search Advertising

Paid search is an efficient and measurable advertising channel for highly targeted traffic.
Pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is among the channels generating the highest ROI. Now you can get the most of your customers’ database and run efficient email marketing campaigns.

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